• Julie Jean Thomson's art and projects.

Use Your Voice

Use Your Voice (2017) After the 2016 US election I started thinking about what a button could say to respond to the current moment we are in. I was reading and listening to talks by writers and artists trying to find some grounding amidst all the uncertainity and strangeness. While watching Patti Smith perform ‚ÄúPeople … Continue reading

Do You Hear Birds?

Do You Hear Birds? (2010-present) is a simple intervention in my neighborhood and paths I travel. Chalking this phrase on the sidewalk allows me to document places where I hear birds with the hope that this phrase also allows other people to become conscious of the birds around them. These moments also offer some relief … Continue reading

If You Have the Time, The Time It Takes to Get from Me to You

If You Have the Time, The Time It Takes to Get from Me to You (2008-present) consists of collection of postcards that I send from where I live to where a friend lives. My hope is that the time it is received will be recorded and communicated back to me. I then track the time … Continue reading

How Much Am I Paying?

How Much Am I Paying? (2009) was my contribution to the Bailout Biennial. I made buttons with the amount of money each person in the USA would pay towards the $700 billion bailout. The buttons on display in a vintage voting booth were available for people to take throughout the exhibition. They were free since … Continue reading